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Self-Care Sunday: The Good Shit

Self-Care Sunday: The Good Shit

I am currently tucked away in a cafe in Brooklyn, sipping coffee and furtively stealing bites of my homemade granola bars because I spent way too much money last night and my wallet staunchly refused that vegan pumpkin bread. I still find New York City intimidating, but it's been a serendipitous weekend that's had me feeling like I was supposed to be here. When I hopped off the bus at Penn Station, the first thing I saw was the Red Hot Chili Peppers' name in lights for a show at Madison Square Garden on Friday night. Anyone who knows me knows that Anthony Kiedis is the love of my life, even though he only dates heroin-chic models and I'm already aging out of his dateable range with my twenty-fifth birthday next week. Saturday morning, my friend E and I strolled through the lower East Village on a mission to get to the MooShoes store, and I had my best celebrity sighting yet: Aziz Ansari! In shock, E punched me in the arm, which was uncharacteristic of her, and I was totally oblivious to the fact that he had just walked by, which was very characteristic of me. Then, we stumbled upon a sample sale at the only all-vegan clothier in New York. And here I am in this cafe, where my boyfriend's older brother's band's hit just came on the radio. Maybe I could live in New York someday.

Last night I swept my friends into the Stonewall Inn, where in a generous but financially painful move I bought shots for all eight of us and toasted to Marsha P. Johnson, who started the riot that helped to catalyze the modern LGBTQIA+ liberation movement. Hungover in body and wallet as I am, I don't regret those shots. It's so important to recognize the work of others as we move through spaces that they made possible. And so this week's self-care post is going to be a list of good shit - things other people make that are essential to my well-being and growth. Enjoy!


Rahawa Haile on the Black literature that she read while hiking the Appalachian Trail - a must-read for anyone who loves reading and writing.

Resistance without representation is a helpful guide for Washingtonians feeling frustrated by calls to "call your representatives" when we don't have them.

Jenna Wortham reflects on why you can't buy self-care. 


Jamelle Bouie's Flickr photostream is gorgeous and has some of my favorite shots of DC.

This playlist will lift your mood no matter how you're feeling.


The Friend Zone will make you laugh out loud - and then schedule an appointment with your therapist.

Another Round was my gateway into podcasts, and every episode feels like a salve for the trauma inflicted by the current state of affairs. 

Still Processing keeps me cultured and helps me learn how to think about art of all kinds. 

See Something Say Something is currently on a break, but they have another season coming up that will give listeners invaluable perspective on what it's like to be Muslim in America. 


Fermentation and Formation is a new addition to my inbox, but I love it already (by Jenna Wortham of Still Processing.) 

The Another Round newsletter contains links and references from the podcast, and it always full of fantastic articles, music, and internet ephemera. 

Bim Adewunmi of Buzzfeed is easily one of my favorite writers, and her newsletter ...the fuck is this? will enchant you. 

All right, friends and lovers, that's what I've got for this Sunday! I'm off to see I Am Not Your Negro and nurse this hangover. Be well.



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