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Amor del bueno (good love)

Amor del bueno (good love)

Note: Each year for Valentine's Day, I write a post inspired by a poem I love. Read last year's post here.

Inspired by a poem by Tonya Ingram

I carry few things with me on the road. The most important one, other than my passport and visa documents, is an envelope that my dad slipped into my backpack before taking me to the Los Angeles airport. In it was a letter encouraging me to pursue adventure. The envelope quickly became home to the various letters, cards, and notes that I took with me on my travels. Being sentimental, I have an entire box filled with them at my parents’ house, but I chose a handful to bring with me and remind myself who I am. 

Rereading them this morning, one line in one letter stood out to me:

Remember that you are loved and that your story is worth writing.

You are loved. You are worth writing down. You are worth sharing with the world. You are worth the space you take up on this spinning rock in space. Remember that. You deserve love. Good love. Amor del bueno.

If you go to the bakery and say, “Quiero pan del bueno,” you mean that you want good, high-quality bread, the real thing. Amor del bueno roughly translates to “a good kind of love.” Good love. 

Good love, like bread, is what we live on. We make it daily. Look for it.

Amor del bueno is a message in the middle of the night, but not the one that wakes you up. It is the smile on your face when you read it in the morning. 

The couch you collapse on, where your friends find you and stay with you.

The hands that hold your face and say they’re glad you were born.

The bagels on the floor and the glitter in the bed.

The spare room they offer you when everything comes crashing down.

The dinner plans they don’t cancel even when you’re a mess and it shows.

The third night of Thai food and Queen Sugar on the television.

The command that you must go, even if you don’t stay.

The promise that you can always come back.

The reminder that the universe is always on your side.

Good love is sending a letter and wishing them well.

It is taking the hook out of your own heart.

It is jumping into the ocean and screaming.

It is the new sheets on the bed you bought.

It is saying no. It is saying yes.

It is getting a haircut where they call you corazón.

It is messaging your favorite poet instead of him.

It is the message you get back.

It is the surprise at the airport. The sign with your name on it.

It is olive oil and salt dripping onto your plate.

It is what you give yourself, even when you don't know how. 

good love is packaged for you. waiting at the door. saying open me. open, my love.
— Tonya Ingram
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