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Inauguration Eve

Inauguration Eve

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day, and then Donald Trump will be the President of the United States. January 20th has weighed on our collective psyche for the past three months, and it shows. My patients have been asking if they'll still have healthcare. Local cafes have hastily posted signs indicating everybody is welcome to drink their coffee. My anxiety disorder has been raging. Someone on Twitter said America is walking the plank. And I'm angry.

I'm so fucking disappointed in white people. Even as they wring their hands about Trump's racism, they carelessly exclude people of color from their acts of "resistance." They claim to be horrified about Mike Conversion-Therapy Pence's homophobia, but they reject sex workers without batting an eye. I realized this week that I am really, really angry that I haven't seen more liberal white people committing to anti-oppression work. Where are all the white folks I saw crying after the election? Where are all the "nasty women" at these organizing meetings? I've seen surprisingly few people from my social circles putting in work. Not everyone can or needs to be in the streets, but too many people are slapping on a safety pin and calling it a day. Regardless of what you plan to do this weekend, it's going to be a long four years, so I've compiled some ideas to plug in to the movement. Let's get to work.

If you go to a protest or march, take care of yourself so you don't use up others' resources.

Figure out how to be a white ally (don't).

Learn how to intervene when you see someone being harassed, and then actually do it.

If you're white, show up for racial justice.

Listen to local organizers. 

Support a Black activist.

Support public art. 

Support sex workers.

Re-educate yourself.

Self-Care Sunday: For Activists and Organizers

Self-Care Sunday: For Activists and Organizers

Self-Care Sunday: Menstruation Station

Self-Care Sunday: Menstruation Station