Córdoba in May: The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Locals weren't exaggerating when they told me that May in Córdoba is one big party. The weather is beautiful (it's warm out but not as scorching hot as the summer months); the flowers are in bloom; and everyone is ready to socialize over a glass of wine or beer. There really is nothing more beautiful than this city at this time of year, so I tried to capture as many photos as possible for you to enjoy along with me.

Why I Moved to Córdoba

Ever since I decided to put down roots in Córdoba, a landlocked city of 330,000 in the Spanish region of Andalucía, people have been asking me why. Not why Spain - both Spaniards and tourists alike understand the appeal of the Spanish culture, landscape, and lifestyle - but why Córdoba. People are perplexed when I tell them that I chose Córdoba for neither study nor work but rather just because I wanted to live here. But why? the locals press. I’m not sure I have a good answer.

I Hate Earth Day

Earth Day was two days ago, and I didn't say a single thing about it. I circled April 22 in my planner weeks ago. I was thinking I would publish a blog post or at least craft a handful of tweets to acknowledge the day. But Sunday came and went, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm not going to lie to you - I hated that day.

Córdoba Through My Eyes

In February of this year, I took a leap and decided to live in Córdoba, Spain for a while. Smaller and less touristy than its Andalucían cousins Sevilla and Granada, Córdoba is a magical city. I plan to write more about Córdoba soon, but it's been a while since I uploaded a photo blog and I want to show you all a few glimpses of the city I'm growing to love so much. 

A Fresh Start

Well, today was a big day. 

After initially applying for my Spanish visa last October and then applying for my temporary residency in February, I finally have my Spanish residency card in my hands. I may have had to make two separate cross-country trips from Córdoba to Barcelona to get it, but it was worth it. 

Pain Killer Smile

I used to work at a community health center, and the best part of my work was without a doubt the clients I worked with on a daily basis. I knew that I needed to leave and travel, but I still miss my old job. I miss my coworkers, I miss our patients, I miss the DC community, and more than anything, I miss the daily satisfaction of knowing that I was able to make a tangible positive impact in another person's life.

26 Free Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

I celebrated my golden birthday a few weeks ago - 26 on February 26th. While I had to spend the bulk of the day in government offices in Barcelona to make sure I didn't get kicked out of Spain, it was a good birthday nonetheless. For my birthday last year, I wrote a post listing the 25 mental health lessons I'd learned in 25 years, so I thought I'd switch it up this year and give you a self-care list.

The Power of Slowing Down

At first, I felt guilty. I felt guilty as I woke up and saw the late hour, guilty as I sipped my coffee in bed, guilty as I allowed the day to slip away from me with little more than an anemic struggle from me to capture time and make it productive. Something shifted in me at some point in the afternoon, however, and I stopped feeling guilty. I accepted the day for what it was - dark, rainy, lazy - and gave myself permission to merely exist within it.

Thirst As Self-Care: Why Lust Matters

I’m newly single, and I’m thirsty. 

I don’t mean the kind of thirst that can be quenched with a cool glass of lemonade, though I do appreciate a frosty beverage. I mean the kind of thirst defined by Urban Dictionary as lust or desire, as in, “I thirsted for him,” or, “Jeff Goldblum in that bow tie makes me so thirsty.” The kind of thirst that signifies desire and performs lust.