26 Free Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

I celebrated my golden birthday a few weeks ago - 26 on February 26th. While I had to spend the bulk of the day in government offices in Barcelona to make sure I didn't get kicked out of Spain, it was a good birthday nonetheless. For my birthday last year, I wrote a post listing the 25 mental health lessons I'd learned in 25 years, so I thought I'd switch it up this year and give you a self-care list.

The Power of Slowing Down

At first, I felt guilty. I felt guilty as I woke up and saw the late hour, guilty as I sipped my coffee in bed, guilty as I allowed the day to slip away from me with little more than an anemic struggle from me to capture time and make it productive. Something shifted in me at some point in the afternoon, however, and I stopped feeling guilty. I accepted the day for what it was - dark, rainy, lazy - and gave myself permission to merely exist within it.

Thirst As Self-Care: Why Lust Matters

I’m newly single, and I’m thirsty. 

I don’t mean the kind of thirst that can be quenched with a cool glass of lemonade, though I do appreciate a frosty beverage. I mean the kind of thirst defined by Urban Dictionary as lust or desire, as in, “I thirsted for him,” or, “Jeff Goldblum in that bow tie makes me so thirsty.” The kind of thirst that signifies desire and performs lust.

Should vs. Must

There are the things that we think we should do, and then there are the things we must do. Society and other people and even our own minds tell us a lot of stories about what we should do with our time, with our energy, with our lives, with our selves. What we should do often has little to do with what makes us happy, though, and that's where must comes in.

50 Things I've Learned in 50 Days of Solo Travel

After traveling around from city to city for the last month and a half, I have come back to Spain. Now that I'm moving more slowly, I have a bit more psychological space to reflect on what I've learned after traveling solo for the first time. The most important thing I can say before starting this list is that if you're considering solo travel, do it. Even if you're not considering traveling alone, maybe give it a second thought. It's been one of the best, most fulfilling experiences of my life so far. 

Go to Italy

Okay, so I haven’t traveled to that many places yet, but Italians have got to be the friendliest people on the planet. Being in this country feels like getting a giant hug. I love it here.