Building Collective Liberation: Tools for White People

We cannot expect the world to change if we do not first change ourselves. So, I have created an extensive (but by no means comprehensive) list of articles, essays, and videos that have helped me face my own racism and work to destroy it. The process of delving into our internalized white supremacy is painful but necessary, and, when done right, ultimately fulfilling. 

Charlottesville Resources

I'm angry. I'm so, so angry. And I'm scared. Chances are you are, too.

So, instead of my usual weekly link roundup, I'm posting a list of Charlottesville resources. They range from educational resources to donation suggestions. Please do what you can, give what you can, and share widely. Do something, and then do another thing, and then keep going and do more. We need you.

Fruit for Thought: July 17-23

It was sooooo hot in DC this week. I couldn't complain much, though, because my friend Jim came to visit this weekend! Hosting friends is one of the best things in life, especially when they're as wonderful as he is. Our Friday night activity is the first item on the list - read on for everything I've been loving this week.

How to Keep Going

There is so much exhaustion and pain in the world right now, and last week a friend asked me how to stay engaged when every fresh crisis makes her want to crawl under a rock. That is a hard question, but I am going to attempt to answer it here.

Fruit for Thought: New Series

I'm starting a new series called "Fruit for Thought," which will be a weekly roundup of links I've been loving throughout the past seven days. I'll include articles, op-eds, YouTube videos, social media accounts, and anything else that strikes my fancy. The themes, of course, will be feminism and veganism, but I promise there will be something in there for everyone.

My Year-Long Shopping Ban

I really don't have a problem with excessive shopping. That said, for a long time I've felt a lack of control over my money. I don't have the discipline and the confidence I crave. I want to be a financial badass, and for me that transformation will require a challenge like this one.

Pride, Pulse, and My Sexuality

Today marks the end of Capital Pride weekend in DC. Today is also exactly one year after the massacre at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, when forty-nine beautiful humans were taken from the world. Today has been hard and strange, and I have a lot of thoughts after the last three days.

Benvenuto in Italia

I’ve only been on Italian soil for an hour, and I’ve already managed to figure out how to order a soy cappuccino. Granted, the phrase is pretty simple – cappuccino di soya, per favore – and I only found out the airport café had soy milk because the woman in front of me ordered one. Still, I’m counting it as my first international vegan experience. 

End Street Harassment Now

For far too many of us, street harassment is a fact of daily life. Catcalling, or sexual harassment, has become part of mainstream conversation. Street harassment, however, manifests in a much broader array of dangerous ways. With a 62% increase in hate crimes in the District since Trump's election, we need to do something now.